Executive Team

Paddy Rao, Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering
Paddy Rao
Paddy Rao leads the Product and Engineering groups at Sling Media and is responsible for the company's overall product strategy and roadmap, as well as product delivery.

Prior to joining Sling Media, Paddy was at Technicolor (then Thomson) as the vice president for its set-top-box engineering organization, servicing pay-TV operators on four continents. Before that, Paddy was the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup funded by Grundig and Intel Capital (later acquired by Thomson). Paddy started his career as a staff scientist at Compression Labs, a pioneer in video compression.

Paddy holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from RPI and a Bachelor of Technology from IIT Delhi. Paddy has also been granted over 45 patents in the fields of video compression, networking, wireless location technologies and mobile multimedia.

Vineet Govil, General Manager of India Operations
Vineet Govil
As General Manager and head of Sling Media India, Vineet is responsible for design and development of various products being developed out of the Bangalore Technology Center. Vineet joined Sling Media in early 2007 and has been responsible for multiple product lines, including Slingbox hardware, retail, OEM Slingplayer for Mobile Devices and Slingbox functionality in the OEM range of products.

Prior to Sling Media, Vineet worked at Sasken Communication Technologies for 10 years, playing multiple roles from development of soft DVD players and SoC design for HDTV decoders to development of media players deployed worldwide on mobile phones. Before Sasken, Vineet began his career in 1994 working at the prestigious Space Application Centre (India's premier space research organization), where he was part of the VSAT development team.

Vineet has a Master of Engineering degree, holds patents in multimedia streaming and dynamic adaptation of network bandwidth, and is passionate about everything he does in his career. As an avid traveler, his Slingbox ensures that he never misses his TV shows. He's truly in love with placeshifting products – especially when he's shifting his place during travel.

Corporate Contacts
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