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Sling Media Releases SlingPlayer Mobile Software

San Mateo — April 27, 2006 –Sling Media, Inc., a digital lifestyle consumer electronics products company, today announced the first official release of SlingPlayer™ Mobile for Slingbox™ owners. SlingPlayer Mobile is a new software package that gives Slingbox owners the ability to watch and control their home TV from any network-enabled mobile phone or handheld computer (PDA) powered by Windows Mobile. The SlingPlayer Mobile software available today is compatible with devices that run Windows Mobile Pocket PC 5.0 and 2003 Second Edition. Sling Media will deliver a version for non-touchscreen devices based on Windows Mobile Smartphone later this quarter.

SlingPlayer Mobile is available today from Sling Media's website at and includes a free 30-day trial. The retail price of the application is $29.99. Slingbox owners who purchased and registered their Slingbox on or before April 26th, 2006 will receive a free license for SlingPlayer Mobile. There are no monthly or recurring charges for the use of the software.

"We have been thrilled with the response to our public beta and the feedback we've received from our customers," said Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media. "Having completed this important phase of development, we are now ready to officially release SlingPlayer Mobile. While Microsoft Windows Mobile is the first handheld and mobile phone platform that Sling Media is supporting, we are committed to expanding support for other mobile device platforms in the future."

Compatible with the Most Popular Handhelds and Mobile Phones
With an ever-increasing number of Windows Mobile-based devices, Slingbox owners have their pick of the most popular and anticipated new wireless products on the market. A full list of compatible handhelds and mobile phones is available at Sling Media continues to add device support as new Windows Mobile handhelds and mobile phones become available.

Complete TV Experience
SlingPlayer Mobile gives consumers their entire home TV experience, including local channels, local sports teams, video on demand, pay per view, etc. Any program that you can watch on your sofa back home, you can now watch via your Windows Mobile-based device anywhere you can get a standard network connection (3G Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth or even USB). In addition, SlingPlayer Mobile users can also control their home digital video recorder (DVR) to watch recorded shows, pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV, or even queue new recordings while on the road.

About Slingbox
The Slingbox is a breakthrough consumer electronics product that enables consumers to watch their living room TV programming from wherever they are by turning virtually any Internet-connected Windows-based laptop or desktop and any Windows Mobile-based handheld or mobile phone into a personal TV. The Slingbox redirects, or "placeshifts," a single live TV stream from a standard cable connection, cable box, satellite receiver, or DVR to the viewer's PC-located anywhere in the home or anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

About Sling Media
Sling Media, Inc. is a digital lifestyle products company creating a family of consumer electronics solutions that are a natural extension of today’s digital way of life. The first member of the Sling Media family is the award-winning Slingbox™, a device that allows consumers to access their living room television experience at any time, from any location, using a variety of different displays including laptops and desktop PCs, PDAs and smartphones. The Slingbox is available from leading retailers nationwide and through Sling Media’s own website. For more information on Sling Media or the Slingbox, visit

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