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New technology will empower consumers by creating a fast, simple way to record and share content with friends, family and others in their digital community.

Las Vegas — Consumer Electronics Show (CES) —- January 9, 2007 – Sling Media, Inc., the Emmy Award-winning creator of the Slingbox™, today announced a revolutionary new technology called Clip+Sling™.  Clip+Sling is designed to help Slingbox customers share short segments of programming, live or recorded,  with other Slingbox customers as well as the audience at-large.


Clip+Sling is a feature that will be built into both the desktop and mobile versions of SlingPlayer™ software, giving Slingbox owners the ability to record and share portions of content in just a few short clicks. While customers will need a Slingbox to publish clips, the content posted to an interactive portal will be accessible by anyone.


“How many times have you been watching one of your favorite shows or a big sporting event and couldn’t believe what you had just seen and wished there was a way to share that moment with others? With Clip+Sling you now can do just that,” said Blake Krikorian, co-Founder, chairman and CEO of Sling Media. “Clip+Sling makes it extremely easy for Slingbox customers to share that priceless moment, and at the same time helps networks and content owners build communities around their content. We look forward to delivering tremendous value for both groups.”


Clip+Sling is currently in private beta, with the company accepting applications for inclusion in the beta as it is broadened within the United States. Individuals interested in applying for inclusion in the beta can visit for details.


The Clip+Sling application is the first in a series of interactive products and services that are being driven by the recently-formed Sling Media Entertainment Group. The services being designed and implemented by the Sling Media Entertainment Group are aimed at building deeper community experiences around the Slingbox. It is Sling Media Entertainment Group’s mission to introduce solutions that delight the consumer and drive new value for content owners and distributors.


“Content is a catalyst for conversation on the Internet, and television plays an enormous role,” said Jason Hirschhorn, President of the Sling Media Entertainment Group. “We’re excited to partner with all types of content providers to foster deeper connections between their programming and their audiences, and to create new business and marketing opportunities.”


About Sling Media

Sling Media, Inc. is a digital lifestyle products company creating a family of consumer electronics solutions that are a natural extension of today’s digital way of life. The first member of the Sling Media family is the award-winning Slingbox™, a device that allows consumers to access their familiar living room television experience at any time, from any location, using a variety of different displays including laptops and desktop PCs and Macs, PDAs and smartphones. For more information on Sling Media or the Slingbox, visit

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