Slingbox® End of Life

On behalf of the Sling Media team, we'd like to thank all of our Slingbox users for their support over the years.

As announced, we took the Slingbox servers permanently offline November 9, 2022.

Advances in technology have changed the landscape of the TV industry and the ubiquitous nature of streaming devices and services over the past several years. The demand for Slingbox has decreased. As a result, we are focusing our efforts on continuing to develop and enhance innovative products for DISH TV and SLING TV to meet the evolving needs for place-shifted viewing.


Q: Will Slingbox be releasing any new products?
A: No.
Q. Does the Slingbox announcement affect my DISH TV or Sling TV applications or equipment?
A. No. The Slingbox product discontinuation effective November 9, 2022 does not affect any DISH TV and SLING TV applications or equipment.
Q: Can you share the source code of the firmware for Slingbox?
A: No. Sling Media will not share the source code for Slingbox. We cannot license the software or make it open source. We support other products that continue to use this technology.
Q: What will happen to my data?
A: Customer data will be handled in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. As a general matter, DISH deletes customer information on a rolling basis when there is longer a business or legal reason to keep such information. For more information, you can review the prior Slingbox Privacy Policy, or you can review DISH Network’s current privacy policy for more information about our privacy practices and your privacy rights