Slingbox setup FAQ

Got questions about setting up your Slingbox? We have answers right here!

What happens when I start to set up my Slingbox via

After selecting the unconfigured Slingbox in the Directory, and clicking "Launch Setup", you will see a setup welcome message:

  • Welcome!
  • After you click "Start", you may be notified that the Slingbox is downloading a firmware update:

  • After the firmware is installed, the Slingbox reboots. When the reboot is complete (or if no firmware update is available), you are asked to select the country where you Slingbox is located from a dropdown list, and to enter the ZIP code (if applicable):

Why can't Watch on find my Slingbox?

If you're trying to configure your Slingbox for the first time and it's not showing up in Watch on, here are a few things to check:

  • Is the Slingbox hooked up correctly?
    If both the power and network lights on the front of the Slingbox are glowing steadily, you should be good to go. However, if the network light is blinking, here's some help:
    The Network light on your Slingbox blinks or turns off.
  • Are your computer and your Slingbox on the same network?
    Watch on can find an unconfigured Slingbox only if it is on the same local network as your computer. If your computer is inadvertently connected to your neighbor's wireless network, then you're not on the same network as your Slingbox. If your network has multiple routers, you need to make sure that your Slingbox and your computer are connected to the same one.
  • Firewall software on your computer
    Security or firewall software on your computer may be blocking communications between your computer and your Slingbox. Here's some more information:
    Internet Security and Personal Firewalls
How do I configure my device and remote?

The Slingbox detects inputs automatically, but you still have to help it determine what it will be streaming.

  • What (if any) TV service are you using?
    If your Slingbox finds a TV set-top box of some sort, Watch asks you to select your TV service provider from a scrolling list:
  • Confirm your channels.
    The next step is to confirm the channel lineup. Nothing is selected here, this is just a sanity check for you - "Did I pick the right TV service? Oh, good!"

  • Set up your remote control by typing the name of your AV device...
    There are two ways to set up your remote, first by simply typing in the name of your AV device. Important note about searching for remotes on Watch: The most accurate search results are achieved by "searching for less" - using fewer keywords, without dashes or decimals. For example, if you have a Cyber Gadget CY-P3RC0-BK satellite set-top box, try just searching for "Cyber" or "Gadget". The best rule of thumb to remember is "keep it simple":
  • ...or by picking from a scrolling list of remote selections grouped by manufacturer:


  • Test your remote.
  • -
  • Setup is complete!


I can't locate my cable or satellite set-top box during setup.

Watch on allows you to search the Remote Control database in two different ways: by free text search and by category. If you've tried both of these methods, and still can't find your set-top box, here are a few more things to try:

  • Try selecting other set-top boxes made by the same company.
    More often than not, set-top box manufacturers use similar remotes across their product line. So if you can't find your exact model, look for something similar and give it a try. It could very well work.
  • If you don't see the manufacturer in the list at all, check for the service provider.
    If you don’t see your manufacturer at all, be sure to check the list for the service provider. For example, your TiVo DVR might be manufactured by Humax, which isn’t on the manufacturers list. However, TiVo is listed, and the codes listed for TiVo work for all TiVo models.
  • If all else fails, try Other.
    As a last resort, choose Other from the list and try the codes listed there.
  • Request a new remote control.
    If you're not happy with your options, you can request a new remote control in the Slingbox Enhancement Request Forum. See the article linked below.
How does Watch on or SlingPlayer on my mobile device go about connecting to my Slingbox?

Watch on or Slingplayer for Mobile Devices connects to a Slingbox like this:

  • First, you launch Watch or SlingPlayer on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.
  • You click Connect, telling it to connect to your Slingbox.
  • Watch or SlingPlayer connects to Sling Media Internet Services over the Internet, which gets the information about the location of your Slingbox (IP address, port, and connection information).
  • Armed with your router IP and port information, it connects to your home network router ... and then to your Slingbox.
  • The Slingbox begins streaming video.

All of this happens completely in the background!

Must I have Internet access to set up my Slingbox?

Yes, you must have Internet access so that Watch on or SlingPlayer on your mobile device can find your Slingbox.