Using the SlingPlayer Guide

With the SlingPlayer Guide, you'll always know what's on ... now, and in the future.


To search for programs: With the SlingPlayer Guide window open, just start typing the first few characters of what you're searching for. SlingPlayer Guide jumps to the listing closest to what you typed.

Here's what else you can do with the SlingPlayer Guide:


Favorites drop-down list

Click the SlingPlayer Guide Favorites drop-down list to display just your Favorites lists, all channels, or just the channels that you receive. You can also use this control for creating, editing, renaming, and deleting your Favorites lists.


Current date and time

No need to have a clock nearby! You can also click this date/time indicator to jump back to the present time when you're finished exploring future program listings.


Current channel 

The current channel, station, and day/time slot that you're currently watching.


Program info

Summary info on the program you're watching: the show's title, plus a summary of the content (if available). You can also see this summary if you move your pointer over a SlingPlayer Guide listing.


Channels list 

List of channels that are available to you, based on the service you set up in the SlingPlayer Setup Assistant. (You can use the Setup Assistant to change your lineup if it's incorrrect.) Some channels may be premium channels that you can't watch without a subscription.


Program summary

To see more info about a program (which episode it is, who the guest is, and so on) move your mouse pointer over that entry. If the info is available, a summary pop-up appears.


Now playing

The show that is currently playing is highlighted within the list.


Scroll controls

Scroll up/down to see more channels, and scroll left/right to see programs at different times of the day. 


Day control

Click the gray down-arrow to jump quickly anywhere from one to six days in the future.


Note: if you find you can't resize either the SlingPlayer Guide, or the SlingPlayer viewer window, try "separating" the two by dragging them apart slightly. To keep your desktop tidy, the SlingPlayer viewer window and the SlingPlayer Guide act like magnets and jump together once they get close enough. This makes it easy to move the two at one time. But you need to pull them apart temporarily to resize them.