What you need to watch your TV with a Slingbox

Here's everything you need to start watching your TV from anywhere using a Slingbox.

What specifically do you need?

  • A Slingbox
  • A router, or a combined modem/router
  • An audio video source
  • A Windows or Macintosh computer on your home network with:
    • A high-speed Internet connection
    • A supported web browser for access to, or Slingplayer for Desktop if you have a Slingbox M1 or Slingbox M2
  • Optional: a mobile device (for example, an iPad or an Android phone) with the appropriate version of SlingPlayer installed

Below are the details for each item.


Your Slingbox can be any of these models:

  • Slingbox 500
  • Slingbox M1/M2
  • Slingbox 350
  • Slingbox PRO-HD
  • Slingbox SOLO
  • Slingbox 120
  • Slingbox PRO
  • Slingbox TUNER
  • Slingbox AV
  • Original Slingbox ("Slingbox Classic")

A router, or a combined modem/router

You need several things here:

  • An available ethernet port on your router. For Slingbox 500 and Slingbox M1/M2 users, a Wi-Fi connection is also supported.
  • Administrative rights to your router (commonly, the login and password) if you need to change the settings.
  • Your router must have UPnP (Universal Plug and Play ... check your router's user guide for more information) turned on. If your router is set up to use UPnP, Setup on or Slingplayer for Desktop takes care of the configuration for you.
  • If UPnP is not an option, your router must be set up to use Port Forwarding (check your router's user guide if you're not sure what this is, or view one of our helpful support videos, linked below).
  • The router also needs to offer DHCP capability. (Fortunately, almost all routers for consumer use do.)

An audio video source

You need an audio video source to connect your Slingbox to, such as:

  • A cable or a satellite set-top box
  • A digital video recorder (DVR, such as a TiVo)
  • A DVD player
  • A digital tuner for over-the-air viewing (Note that the Slingbox PRO-HD, Slingbox PRO, Slingbox TUNER, and Slingbox Classic include a built-in tuner.)
  • Any other AV device

A Windows or Mac computer on a home network with a high-speed Internet connection

After you physically hook up your Slingbox, finish the configuration of the Slingbox by pointing your web browser to

  • For a list of supported web browsers, see the related article below.
  • If you're setting up a Slingbox M1/M2, you must install Slingplayer for Desktop to configure your Slingbox.

When you’re done with the setup, if you have a Slingbox M1, then you'll connect to your Slingbox to watch your TV by using Slingplayer for Desktop. For all other Slingbox models, including the Slingbox M2, you'll use a web browser to go to, connect to your Slingbox, and watch your TV.

You don't need to leave your TV on to watch your Slingbox. You also don't need to leave your computer on.

When you're viewing either at home or remotely, note that video quality is always determined by network speed, CPU, and memory, so a faster computer will always give you the best results!

Note: If your Slingbox 500 is connected to your TV, you can use either your TV or your computer to set up your Slingbox 500.

Optional: SlingPlayer software for your mobile device

With a Slingbox at home and SlingPlayer on your compatible mobile device (like an Android phone or iPad), you can enjoy live or recorded TV over a Wi-Fi or wireless 3G/4G connection.

Check out our SlingPlayer product page (linked below) to see which version of the SlingPlayer software is best for your device, and where to purchase it!