Connecting to your network

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for hooking up your Slingbox to your home network.

circle.png Your Slingbox needs to connect to your home network. That's so it can bridge the divide between your home TV and the Internet. There are different ways to do this. And - as always - there are ways to do it that are good, there are ways that are better, and there are ways that are best. Let's start with the best way.

The BEST way to hook your Slingbox up to your home network is to just plug it directly in to your home router. If you have cable Internet access, this method is usually for you, because often your cable modem is also near your TV.

Another BEST way to hook up your Slingbox, if it offers this option, is to use its internal Wi-Fi connection.


Slingbox PRO-HD connected directly to your home router

If you can't do that, the BETTER way to do it is to use a pair of SlingLinks to turn your home's electrical wiring into a home network. These things work great and there is no configuration. Just plug them in and you are on.


How SlingLink TURBO works

Lastly, there are some wireless options that you can try, such as wireless gaming adapters. We don't recommend them because you can't get the sustained throughput with a wireless connection that you can get with a wired one. This is critical, especially if your Slingbox is capable of letting you view HD content ... and you'd like to use it for that.