Which Slingbox models are current? Which are legacy models?

Here are the Slingbox models for which we offer customer support and updates ... and which ones we don't.

To keep up with new television features, as well as providing improved security and stability, we update the Slingbox Software (also known as "firmware") for our current Slingbox models. We also offer customer support for these current models.

Current Slingbox models

We offer customer support, plus occasionally-updated software, for these current Slingbox models:

  • Slingbox M1 and Slingbox M2
  • Slingbox 350
  • Slingbox 500

Legacy (older) Slingbox models

These older Slingbox units now have the legacy Slingbox designation. Their designs aren't always able to work with new TV features, and may not function properly with newer software. We no longer offer customer support or updated software for these legacy Slingbox models:

  • Slingbox SOLO
  • Slingbox PRO-HD
  • Slingbox "Classic"
  • Slingbox TUNER
  • Slingbox AV
  • Slingbox PRO
  • Slingbox 120

Along with that, these related products are no longer supported:

  • SlingCatcher
  • SlingLink
  • SlingLink TURBO 1-Port
  • SlingLink TURBO 4-Port

A legacy Slingbox and its software may continue to work well for you, but its Slingbox Software will not be updated any further. Also, new SlingPlayer versions may not be compatible with it.

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