SlingPlayer for Facebook FAQ

Have questions about the new SlingPlayer for Facebook? Just click the question to reveal the answer.

How do I access SlingPlayer for Facebook?

Once you install the SlingPlayer for Facebook Application, you will find it in your Apps list on the left side of your Facebook homepage.

Which browsers are supported with SlingPlayer for Facebook?

All of the commonly used browsers will work with SlingPlayer for Facebook (provided they support the latest version of Adobe Flash) such as:

  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
Can I access SlingPlayer for Facebook from my phone or tablet?

No. Although you can utilize SlingPlayer for Facebook with any browser that supports Adobe Flash, it is not supported on tablets or phones running a mobile OS (iOS, Windows RT, and so on). Some tablets may run desktop operating systems, and although we haven't tested these devices, SlingPlayer for Facebook should run in any browser that supports Flash-based streaming. In addition, we have a wide variety of solutions for your mobile devices such as SlingPlayer for Android Tablets and SlingPlayer for Android Phones.

Why can't I zoom in on the video?

You must be in full screen mode to zoom with SlingPlayer for Facebook.

Can I set SlingPlayer for Facebook to automatically play video when I launch it?

Yes! You can set SlingPlayer for Facebook to automatically play video when you launch. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click to check box for Launch Preference
What if I am getting an error message regarding third-party software?

Some Internet security and personal firewall software may interfere with your Slingbox, SlingPlayer or Setup Assistant.
Third-party Internet security and firewall software products, such as those made by Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky Anti-Virus or ZoneAlarm, are designed to keep your home network safe from viruses or damaging attacks. As a side effect, some Internet security software might designate the Slingbox as a 'hostile' device on your network. They may also block SlingPlayer or Setup on Please see the related article below for more information.

Where is the SlingPlayer Program Guide on SlingPlayer for Facebook?

We do not yet have the SlingPlayer Program Guide developed for SlingPlayer for Facebook, however you can use you provider's guide (use remote to select guide) to view options and change channels.

How do I change video quality?

You can quickly change the quality of your video by clicking the "Q" and choosing the desired setting.

I bookmarked my Facebook page and my SlingPlayer for Facebook does not seem to work... Why?

Due to the ever-changing format of Facebook, we recommend always launching the SlingPlayer for Facebook from the Facebook Apps sidebar:

Can I watch my friend's Slingbox using SlingPlayer for Facebook?

SlingPlayer for Facebook works like other SlingPlayer applications.

  • The Slingbox itself is only available for people logged in using your Sling Account information, and more than one person cannot access the Slingbox simultaneously.
  • Please review our Terms of Use (linked at bottom of each page on for more information about the use of your Slingbox.
Is there a way to access information about how SlingPlayer for Facebook is connecting to my network?

While streaming and not in full screen mode, press Shift+Q on your computer keyboard to display the advanced streaming statistics window, which shows the connection type, current bitrate, average bandwidth, firmware version number, and other information: 


Will SlingPlayer for Facebook work on a Google Chromebook or Microsoft Surface RT?

Sling Media is committed to supporting the broadest set of web platforms with our SlingPlayer software, giving Slingbox customers access to their home TV from anywhere.
Users running Chrome OS, Firefox OS, and Windows 8 can access their Slingbox today by using the SlingPlayer app for Facebook. The Surface RT, running Windows 8 RT, is not a supported device or platform for SlingPlayer for Facebook. The Surface Pro, which runs the full (desktop OS) version of Windows 8, could use SlingPlayer for Facebook, just like any other Flash-based video streamer. We have not tested SlingPlayer for Facebook on any Windows Surface tablets.  

Sling Media is always evaluating the best possible SlingPlayer experience on new platforms and encourage user feedback, suggestions, and requests.