Frequently asked questions about SlingPlayer for Windows 8

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 provides supports for yet another device where you can watch your TV anywhere ... in this case, your Windows Surface RT or Surface PRO tablets (or ARM/x86 equivalent), or a Windows 8.1 PC!

What is SlingPlayer for Windows 8? How does it work?

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 is a native app that runs in Windows 8’s Start Menu mode (that is, Metro or Modern mode). It allows you to stream video from your set-top box using your Slingbox.

Does SlingPlayer for Windows 8 work with my Slingbox?

You can use SlingPlayer for Windows 8 with a Slingbox 500, Slingbox M1/M2, Slingbox 350, Slingbox PRO-HD, or a Slingbox SOLO that has the latest firmware installed.

What do I need to run SlingPlayer for Windows 8?

You can use SlingPlayer for Windows 8 on any Windows tablet, laptop, or desktop running Windows 8.1 or above. It can run on both Windows RT and PRO tablets (and their ARM/x86 equivalents, such as the Nokia Lumia 2520).

Can I use SlingPlayer for Windows 8 anywhere?

Yes, it can run on Wi-Fi (both LAN and WAN) and LTE networks.

Is there a trial period for SlingPlayer for Windows 8?

Yes, you can download the fully functional app for free and use it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you must purchase the app from the Windows Store to continue using it.

Where is SlingPlayer for Windows 8 sold?

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 is available in all of the markets listed here:

I downloaded SlingPlayer for Windows 8 on my Windows 8 tablet or PC — what do I do now?

On your tablet or PC, go to the Apps screen and look for the SlingPlayer icon. Press the icon and enter your Sling Account information to log in.

How do I access Live TV, the Gallery or Guide, or the viewing controls?

You access a page by swiping downward from the top of the screen or upward from the bottom, then tapping your choice.

How do I access the Settings panel?

With SlingPlayer for Windows 8 running in any mode, swipe from the right edge of the screen toward the left to reveal the Charms panel, or move your mouse pointer to the top right of the screen and wait a moment for the Charms panel to appear.

Can I run SlingPlayer for Windows 8 on my Windows phone?

No, SlingPlayer for Windows 8 does not work on any version of Windows Phone (7, 8, or other).

Can I run SlingPlayer for Windows Phone on my Windows 8 tablet or PC?

No, SlingPlayer for Windows Phone only runs on Windows phones. It does not run on tablets or PCs running Windows 8 or 8.1.

I turned off my tablet or PC and the video stopped streaming. Why?

Your tablet or PC must be powered on, with SlingPlayer running in the foreground to maintain a streaming connection.

Sometimes video stutters or doesn’t look very good. What can I do?

SlingPlayer is heavily dependent on the speed of the network it's connected to. Whether it's your cellular carrier's 4G LTE network or a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot, the greater the network speed, the better your SlingPlayer viewing experience will be. If you experience excessive stuttering, please switch to a lower video quality setting for a smoother streaming experience.

How is SlingPlayer for Windows 8 different from Watch on

SlingPlayer for Windows 8 enables you to find popular and interesting programs and movies that are on now, and provides filters for genre, time, and content type. It offers a native, touch-oriented experience for all Windows 8 tablets (RT/PRO and their equivalents) and PCs. Watch provides basic streaming on PRO tablets and PCs, but does not work on RT tablets.

I have a Slingbox M1, and I am not seeing the Gallery screens. What’s happening?

When using SlingPlayer for Windows 8 with a Slingbox M1/M2, the Gallery feature is not available. To see the Gallery, you must upgrade to a Slingbox 500.

I am a U.S. or Canadian user with a Slingbox PRO-HD or SOLO, and I am not seeing the Guide or Gallery screens. I see a Guide for this box at What’s happening?

Certain configurations of the Slingbox PRO-HD and Slingbox SOLO are not compatible with SlingPlayer for Windows 8. If you have a Slingbox PRO-HD or SOLO, you will need to reconfigure it. Press the power button on the back of your Slingbox and hold it down for 20 seconds. Then go to, select your box, and follow the instructions to reconfigure it.

Note: To reconfigure a Slingbox PRO-HD, you may use either a PC or Mac, but Slingbox SOLO users must reconfigure with a PC. Reconfiguring your SOLO on a Mac does not address this problem. Please visit the link below for the system requirements for Slingbox reconfiguration.

I configured my Singbox PRO-HD or Slingbox SOLO manually by IP address and port, and I am having difficulty using SlingPlayer for Windows 8. What gives?

If you added your Slingbox PRO-HD or Slingbox SOLO to your Sling Account manually by IP address and port, you must have a minimum firmware version of 2.0.80 on the Slingbox PRO-HD or 2.0.50 on the Slingbox SOLO. If you have firmware versions earlier than these, please update your firmware.