Troubleshooting "Your Slingbox can't be located" errors during setup

If you are trying to set up your Slingbox and you get a "Your Slingbox can't be located" error, here's help!


There are a couple of reasons for this message to appear:

  • Your Slingbox is not connected to your network (LAN) properly.
  • A firmware update is in progress, so the box is unreachable. If a firmware update is in progress, you will see a message to that effect on your TV screen.

Read on for suggestions on how to fix  these errors.

Your Slingbox is not connected to the network properly

  • Is the network light on your Slingbox glowing steadily? If not, see the article linked below for troubleshooting tips.
  • Are your computer and your Slingbox on the same network?
    Watch on can find an unconfigured Slingbox only if it is on the same local network as your computer.
    • If your computer is inadvertently connected to your neighbor's wireless network, then you're not on the same network as your Slingbox.
    • If your network has multiple routers, make sure that your Slingbox and your computer are connected to the same one.
    • If you are using a powerline adapter or a wireless ethernet bridge, try connecting your Slingbox directly to your router while setting it up. Then connect it to the powerline adapter or wireless ethernet bridge and troubleshoot, if necessary.
  • Do you have firewall software on your computer?
    Security or firewall software on your computer may be blocking communications between your computer and your Slingbox. See the article below for more information.

A firmware update is in progress

If a firmware update is in progress, be sure to wait for it to finish before attempting to connect to your Slingbox. You can check the status of the firmware update by looking at your TV screen.