Slingbox M1/M2 cable setup options

Along with the cable setup depicted in the Slingbox M1 or Slingbox M2 Quick Start Guides, here are some alternatives.

The Quick Start Guides (QSGs) for the Slingbox M1 and the Slingbox M2 show a common cable arrangement. But your setup may be different. So here are some additional options to help you get oriented and correctly connect the cables for your Slingbox.

Using component cables with an existing HDMI connection

Frequently, you'll find that your TV already has an HDMI cable connected between it and your cable or satellite set-top box. If that's the case, all you need to do is connect component (green/blue/red) cables from your set-top box and your Slingbox, like this:


Connecting component cables to a Slingbox M1 with an existing HDMI connection

Don't forget to connect the red/white audio cables, too!

Using component cables as a "passthrough" arrangement

If you purchase (or already have) an additional set of component (green/blue/red) cables, you can set up a cable "passthrough" arrangement, where component cables carry the video and audio signals from the set-top box to the Slingbox, and then from the Slingbox to the TV:


Connecting component passthrough cables to a Slingbox M1

Once again, be sure to connect both the video and the audio (red/white) cables between all devices.

Don't have component connections from your set-top box?

Many set-top boxes don't offer component (green/blue/red) outputs that you can use with your Slingbox. If that's the case, there are third-party products that you can purchase. With a converter product, the cabling works like this:

HDMI/component adapter cabling

There is an adapter product that we've tested with current Slingbox models. You can find out more using the link below.

Using a composite cable with an existing HDMI connection

Lastly, your set-top box may not have an available component output set ... or you may have some other limitation. In that case, you can connect a single composite (yellow) video cable from your set-top box to your Slingbox. However, if you do this, understand that composite (yellow) video only carries Standard Definition (SD) video. It is not capable of carrying High Definition (HD) video:

Connecting composite cable to a Slingbox M1 with an existing HDMI connection

As before, be sure to remember to connect the audio (red/white) cables, as well.