Support is discontinued for legacy Slingbox models and related products

If you have an older, end-of-life Slingbox model, we are sorry to inform you that it is no longer supported.

These Slingbox models are end-of-life, and we no longer offer phone support for them (including Pay Per Incident support):

  • Slingbox PRO-HD
  • Slingbox SOLO
  • Slingbox 120
  • Slingbox PRO
  • Slingbox Tuner
  • Slingbox AV
  • Slingbox Classic

These related products are also end-of-life:

  • SlingCatcher
  • SlingLink
  • SlingLink TURBO 1-Port
  • SlingLink TURBO 4-Port

Please be aware that it is a standard industry practice used by companies including Apple and Microsoft to discontinue support and development on older products so that they can focus their resources on newer technologies.

To get assistance with an issue involving a discontinued Slingbox model, you can search our knowledgebase using the search box above, or post an inquiry to our online community, linked below.