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If you have a Sling TV issue, that's a different company. Please click here: Sling TV help.

If you need help with your AirTV, please visit their support site.

Are you setting up your new Slingbox for the first time and need help?
Please call us at 1-866-974-2570 and let our representative know you need assistance setting up your Slingbox for the first time. Phone support is available seven days a week from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM Mountain Time.

To get help for your out-of-warranty Slingbox, we offer incident-based support for $29.99.
Sling's incident-based support covers troubleshooting to determine a resolution or isolate the issue to a hardware failure. We will continue to offer support for the same incident for up to 30 days. To purchase support, please call 1-866-974-2570.

We have many self-service support options that are 24 x 7: