Watch your TV via the web, configure your Slingbox with a computer

Use Watch on to watch your TV with your Slingbox. To set up a new Slingbox, or change the settings on an existing one, use SlingPlayer for Windows or SlingPlayer for Mac (they're free).

We’ve streamlined the ways that you watch TV and work with Slingbox settings:

  • To watch TV, use Watch on (

  • For Slingbox setup/configuration, use the free SlingPlayer for Windows or SlingPlayer for Mac applications (the link is below).

Here’s more info.

To watch TV with your Slingbox

For connecting to any Slingbox to watch your TV, whether you have an old Slingbox model or a new one, go to Watch on

Log in with your Sling Account, and then choose your Slingbox from the drop-down list toward the upper-right of the screen.

You can use any of these web browsers (except as specified, we support the latest two releases of each):


  • Internet Explorer (version 11; version 10 seems okay, but not fully tested)

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Edge


  • Safari

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

If needed, you are prompted to install some software that allows Watch on to work with your web browser. It’s automatic, easy to do, and only takes a minute or so.

Once that’s done, you’re all set. (If the software needs to be updated, we’ll let you know.)

Setting up your Slingbox or changing its settings

If you need to set up any new Slingbox, or change the settings of your Slingbox, download the free SlingPlayer for Windows or SlingPlayer for Mac application for your Windows or MacOS computer.

This free application is available here:  (Scroll down a bit to Desktop apps.)

Download and install the version for your computer. Then launch it and log in to your Sling Account. You’re now ready to set up or reconfigure your Slingbox.

This article applies to these Slingbox models

  • Slingbox M2

  • Slingbox M1

  • Slingbox 500

  • Slingbox 350

  • Slingbox PRO-HD*

  • Slingbox SOLO*

  • Slingbox PRO*

  • Slingbox AV*

  • Slingbox “Classic” (original silver Slingbox)*

Note: The Slingbox TUNER is not listed because it is no longer compatible with current TV broadcasts.

* These legacy models are unsupported. If they work well for you, great! But if they don’t, unfortunately, we aren’t able to help.