SlingPlayer asks about a Sling Account and/or your Slingbox isn't in the Directory

Don't see your Slingbox in the Directory? That's probably because you need to create a Sling Account. Here's what a Sling Account is ... and what it has to do with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Sling Accounts are a free feature that keep track of your Slingbox devices and your Favorites lists. By letting your Sling Account save this info for you, it's even easier to connect to your Slingbox, no matter which computer or mobile device you're using.

When you first launch SlingPlayer, it prompts you to create a Sling Account.

To create a Sling Account:

  1. Go to Watch on on your PC or Mac.

  2. Create an account by following the onscreen instructions.

From Settings in Watch on, you can choose to see all of the Slingbox devices on the local network, or those to which you can connect (your unconfigured Slingbox devices and those that you are the owner of or have guest access to).

After you've created a Sling Account, you can log in and set SlingPlayer to automatically log in at launch. Your Slingbox devices appear in the Directory on your SlingPlayer-capable device.