How to create a guest account and Slingbox password for guests

Would you like to give family members and friends access to your Slingbox? This article shows you how!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're connecting to a Slingbox 350 or a Slingbox 500, the guest access process has changed. See the related article below. The Slingbox M1 and Slingbox M2 do not support a guest user.

Note: When giving others access to your Slingbox, please be sure to follow the Slingbox Terms of Use! There's a link below so you can take a look.

Remember, even though you give your friend or family member guest access to your Slingbox, you are still its administrator.

  1. Log in to your Sling Account, go to and select your Slingbox.
  2. Click Add a guest user under your Slingbox name.

  3. A screen appears asking for a guest password. Enter a unique password and enter it again to confirm your entry.

  4. Copy the Slingbox ID and include it, along with the password you created, in an email to your friend, removing the spaces and dashes from the Slingbox ID. 
  5. If your friend already has a Sling Account, ask them to log in, click on their account name in the upper right corner of the screen (shown below), and go to step 8.


  6. If your friend doesn't have a Sling Account, they need to create one by going to the Sling Accounts web page:

  7. They must then follow the steps to create a Sling Account. Suggest that they use their email address as a login and create a unique password.SA_c.png
  8. On the Update My Profile Information page, they must select Slingbox Directory and click Add a Slingbox.

  9. SA_b.png
  10. Finally, they must enter the Slingbox ID and the newly-created guest password you sent them, check the box to save the password, make sure the option to log in as administrator is not selected, and click Save.
Now your friend or family member can watch your Slingbox just by logging in with their Sling Account!

Remember, only one person can access and change channels on your Slingbox at a time. See the linked article "When I change channels on my Slingbox, they also change at home" for more details.