How to use the Program Guide and Favorites

SlingPlayer features an interactive, touch-to-select program Guide, and Favorites, which you can use to save, organize, and view your favorite channels. These features are available in the US and Canada only at this point.

The Guide

The Guide features all of your channels in one scrollable, swipable list - just tap on any channel listing to watch:


By default, the Guide uses the current time on the Android device to display what's on.

To navigate:

  • Swipe up or down to scroll through the list.
  • Swipe left or right to move forward or backward in time.
  • Tap the "refresh" icon in the upper right corner to refresh the list.


Favorites are simply a user-defined list of your favorite channels. Adding Favorites in this version of SlingPlayer is slightly different from previous versions. To add Favorites, when in the All or HD view of the Guide, just tap the tiny red arrow next to the current channel you are watching to reveal the column containing the heart-shaped Favorites icon:


The Edit Favorites column opens. Just tap the heart icon next to the channel(s) you wish to add to your Favorites list. A dialog box appears asking for confirmation:


And that's it! The selection is added to your list of Favorites. Note that favorite channels are signified, just tap Favorites at the top of the Guide at any time to access the list:


Removing Favorites

Is a Favorite no longer a favorite? You can delete it from the list easily by reversing the order of the above steps. This can be done two ways - the first is in the ALL or HD view:

  • Tap the red arrow if needed to reveal the Edit Favorites column (look for the solid white heart-shaped icon).

  • Tap the solid white heart icon. The icon will change to an "empty" heart, indicating that it is no longer a Favorite, and a confirmation message appears asking if you want to save the change:


Removing a Favorite can also be done directly from the Favorites list, but with one small difference:

  • Follow the steps above, but note that the confirmation message will not appear until you leave the Favorites view by tapping ALL or HD.

NEW! You can now select future shows within your guide. If you long-press the desired show, you will now get a pop up asking if you want to set a reminder for the show... pretty cool!