My cable/satellite set-top box is not responding to remote commands

If you are unable to control your Comcast, DISHNetwork, or DirecTV set-top box through your Slingbox, this article may help!

What causes this?

Your Slingbox uses IR (infrared) transmitters (or "blasters") to control your set-top box with a virtual remote control.

However, many set-top box remote controls, often those from Comcast, DirecTV, and DISHNetwork, are set to receive RF (radio frequency) signals by default.

Because the set-top box is set to receive RF signals, it is unresponsive to IR commands that are coming from the Slingbox IR blaster device. Fortunately, the fix is simple. By switching your remote settings from RF-type signals to IR-type signals, you can ensure that your remote commands reach your Slingbox.

Here's how to do that:

Comcast set-top boxes

  1. Using the set-top box remote control, go to the set-top box Main Menu by pressing MENU twice.

  2. Scroll down to Setup. Press OK/Select.

  3. Scroll down to Cable Box Setup. Press OK/Select.

  4. Scroll down to RF Bypass. Use either the Left or Right button to change this setting to ON. Press OK/Select.

DirecTV set-top boxes

  1. Using the original DirecTV remote, press Menu.

  2. Navigate to Settings & Help > Remote Control > Remote Settings > IR/RF Setup.

  3. Change the setting to IR by following the onscreen instructions from your receiver.

Consult your DirecTV set-top box user manual for more details.

DISHNetwork set-top boxes

Some DISH set-top box remotes can be set to IR, and some can only be used in RF mode if you are not in line of sight with your set-top box.

To change the remote setting from IR to RF, please consult your DISH set-top box user manual for instructions.

Still having problems?

If your Slingbox continues to be unresponsive to your set-top box remote control commands, check the article linked below for troubleshooting tips.