Google Chrome 64-bit browser compatible with Watch on

You can use the Google Chrome 64-bit browser to watch your TV on both Mac and Windows computers.

You may have heard the terms "32-bit" and "64-bit" used when describing computers, their operating systems, or the software applications that they run. What does this mean?

These two terms refer to how much data a computer's processor can work with at one time. Older computers have 32-bit processors, and only work with 32-bit operating systems. Newer computers have 64-bit processors that can run operating systems and programs that are designed for either 32-bit or 64-bit systems.

Google recently launched the 64-bit version of its Chrome web browser. For Mac OS X customers, it is a required upgrade. For customers using Windows-based systems, it is an optional upgrade that the user can "opt-in" to accept.

How does this affect you if you're using Google Chrome to connect to your Slingbox to watch your TV?

Many web browsers work with small software additions called plug-ins or software extensions. These help a browser run the features of certain web sites. Watch on is one such web site. To allow your web browser to connect to your Slingbox, we first install a plug-in/extension that gives your browser the tools to connect to your Slingbox.

Both Watch on for Mac OS X, and Watch on for Windows, support the latest version of the Chrome browser in 64-bit mode. This is important, because Google is discontinuing the support of 32-bit browser extensions for Mac OS X and Windows computers as part of their 64-bit upgrade process.

The latest Watch on plug-in/extension software, automatically offered to you when you connect to your Slingbox using Watch on for either Mac OS or Windows, is fully up-to-date and works great with the Chrome browser.

The only limitation is that you cannot use the Chrome browser and Watch on (for either Mac or Windows) to set up your Slingbox, or to reconfigure a Slingbox setting. For that, you'll need:

  • For Slingbox models other than the Slingbox M1/M2 -- set up or reconfigure your Slingbox using a browser product such as Firefox or Safari (Mac) or Firefox or Internet Explorer (Windows).
  • For the Slingbox M1/M2 -- set up or reconfigure your Slingbox M1/M2 using the free Slingplayer Desktop product (for Mac OS or Windows), available for download from our site.*

*Once you do that, if you have a Slingbox M1, you must also use Slingplayer for Desktop to connect to your Slingbox and watch your TV. If you have a Slingbox M2, you'll go to to connect to your Slingbox and watch your TV.

See the article below for information on browser compatibility.